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Man behind GTF / About the Founder

  • Meet the visionary behind it all - our brilliant founder, Arun Singh Tanwar, the man who radiates the spark of knowledge, commitment & dedication.
  • Our founder led the stepping stone of GTF in 2019 with a vision of creating brilliant traders across the country.
  • With a clear vision and positive outlook from the past 4 years, GTF is working to elevate the graph of traders in India, and as of now, we have successfully imparted trading education to more than 2lakh people.
  • Our founde's bold strategies and techniques make him a goal-driven optimist and a Proficient trader, excelling in the stock market for more than 8 years!
  • We are proud to say that our founder has not left a single stone unturned in converting his vision into reality and is still continuing to help people in gaining financial independence.


About GTF Founder

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