Wakami Earth Bracelet: 7-Strand Multi

Story of the Earth 7 Strand Bracelet Set consists of 7 unique bracelets each with their own meaning. One each representing the earth, sun, stars and moon. The next bracelet symbolizes water and wind, followed by plants and animals, people, and the last bracelet represents the love that connects them all.

Mixture of Adjustable slip knot bracelets which measure 6.5 - 11 inches around. and non adjustable button loop bracelets which measure 7 inches around. Waxed polyester thread, silver coated brass beads, Zamak metal buttons. Made with love in Guatemala.

Story: Wakami products are the result of collaboration between Wakami's designer team and several artisan groups with the shared dream of connecting the world to the Guatemala experience. Wakami links people through products that enrich the lives of those who buy them and change the lives of those who produce them. Thanks to many wonderful women from rural communities, Wakami's products are infused with centuries of Guatemalan cultural heritage, and their production is bringing prosperity to previously extreme poverty-stricken communities.

The Wakami Villages program is coordinated by Communities of the Earth. Here is a summary of it:

1. WAKAMI FAMILIES: allowing women to have a source of income, investing in their children`s nutrition and education, at the same time, they are able to save some money for investments needed or emergencies.

2. WAKAMI HOMES: Allowing women to invest in services that impact greatly the quality of life in their home. An alliance with a micro-credit organization is key so women could take loans to invest in these services. (stoves, filters, solar units, etc).

3. WAKAMI LAND: Allowing women to connect with the land, by producing their own organic native crops and developing a solid waste management and recycling program.

4. WAKAMI COMMUNITIES: allowing women to motivate the creation of public/recreative spaces, and allowing them to participate in local spaces, proposing community initiatives and following them up.

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