Q1. I have never made any investment in the stock market. Can I join courses?

No problem, our courses are designed for beginners to advanced level people. You can enroll in an introductory course first. Very shortly, you will get a basic knowledge of the stock market.

Q2.I have attended a live class but still have some doubts. How can I clarify those?

Don’t worry; a mentor will be allotted to you. If you have any doubt, you can ask him/her. Also, you can go through the recording.


Q3.For how much time will you provide mentor support?

We will provide mentor support for a lifetime.

Q4. Can I attend online classes through mobile?

Of course, you can attend class through mobile as well as desktop.

Q5. If I missed a class, then how can I learn that particular topic?

If you missed any class, you could go through the recordings. If still there is a doubt, you can call your mentor. He/she will help you to understand through a remote application.

Q6. How can I make payment?

You can pay through net banking, credit card, debit cards, or direct bank transfer.

Q7.Is there any study material?

Of course, you will get study material.

Q8. Is your technical study implements for equity only?

Our methodology is universal, which means you can apply this in any asset of class (equity/commodity/forex)

Q9. How much accuracy can I expect?

It is subjective. Accuracy comes with time; you need to practice a lot. After practice for some time, your accuracy will start improving.

Q10. How much should I invest initially?

It would be best if you always started with a minimum capital, for example, Rs.5000 or less. Later, you can increase your capital.


Q11. How much return can I expect after the stock market course?

It entirely depends on your understanding of the concepts, emotional control, and experience. It also depends on the amount of risk you are willing to take. You can expect anything between 2% to 100% a month, depending on risk and return taken.

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