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What isGTF Indicator

The Automatic Demand & Supply Indicator by GTF is the best and most powerful tool for trading, which stands out as an excellent tool for traders who seek accuracy and reliability. The Indicator is made for scalpers, traders, and investors

The mechanics of the Automatic Demand & Supply Indicator is drafted with an advanced design to automatically implement almost all the concepts of demand and supply theory—no need to plot manually.

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GTF Indicator Unique

Let's have a look at the features of the Automatic Demand & Supply Indicator by GTF:

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How to get access to the GTF Indicator


It's free for lifetime if you are a

GTF Student.


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How GTF Indicator is helping traders to simplify their trading. Here are some reviews about the GTF INDICATOR.


frequently asked questions

Here Is Everything You May Ask

1. Go to the Trading View website and log in to your account. 2. Click on any chart. 3. Click on the Indicator icon which is located at the top of the Trading View chart. 4. A new window will appear in which you have to click on Invite-only script and select demand & supply by GTF.

Our Indicator is successfully used by many professional traders, but it’s not mandatory that professional traders can only use this indicator. To understand this indicator your basic concepts should be clear. Our goal is to make trading easy for everyone with a reliable indicator that will provide accurate trading signals, whether you are a novice trader or a professional trader.

Yes, you can use the Automatic Demand & Supply Indicator with a free Trading View account. But, if you want to use this Indicator at a lower time frame then you have to purchase the premium plan.

Yes, the Automatic Demand & Supply Indicator can be used on all timeframes (like 5 min, 15 min, 75 min, 125 min., and many more)

Yes, you can install this indicator on any device whether it’s android or IOS. To get the benefit of this indicator download the Trading View application on your phone, then log in to your account and start using the indicator.

Yes, we do provide support You can contact us on @gtfdematsupport on telegram for support.

When you try to access the Automatic Demand & Supply indicator script in trading view, if you get an error message “study_not_auth”, you either have to refresh your browser and log in with the correct Trading View username.

This indicator can be used for all market and timeframes.

After opening an account in Dhan through our referral link, if an individual start trading through dhan, then they just need to contact @gtfdematsupport on telegram to get the benefit of our Automatic Demand & Supply Indicator. And the GTF students can directly contact our student support team to get access.

Yes, you can use this indicator in intraday trading/swing trading which will help you to find the best trade with all demand and supply concepts.