At Come Together Trading, our mission is helping small micro-business artisans in developing countries find a market for their handcrafted goods. All of the items we sell are handmade with great love and every purchase helps provide a better life for the artisans who made it.

When you shop at Come Together you are not helping large corporations improve their bottom line.

Our Story
Come Together Trading in Uganda

We were first exposed to extreme poverty up close and very personal while traveling to Africa with Compassion International back in 2009. That trip completely changed our lives and opened our eyes to the fact that there's a great big world out there, and it's very different from ours.

We met many amazing and incredible people who, although they were living in poverty, were filled with such joy, faith, and love that we quickly realized we were the ones who were poor.

Many of the women in the small humble churches we visited had set up tables and were selling beautiful hand crafted items they had made.

By purchasing their items we knew we were helping them but it felt different. It wasn’t charity. We were equals and we were engaging in trade. It was helping us and it was helping them. 

Come Together Trading was founded later that same year to share their stories and products with the world. We have since grown to represent over 100 small artisan groups from over 30 different countries around the world. Thank you for shopping with us! Every purchase makes a world of difference.

Terry and Tammy Marshall - Founders - Come Together Trading

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