ABOUTSooraj Singh Gurjar


Man behind GTF / About the Co-Founder

  • Meet our expert instructor, Co-Founder, and MD of GTF, Sooraj Singh Gurjar. He is dedicated and committed to his aim of making people financially independent with the help of stock market knowledge.
  • He led the founding bricks of GTF to build the trust of people towards the Indian stock market and trading.
  • It's our expert instructors and their knowledge that have helped GTF achieve milestones in the short time frame of 5 years.
  • Students are in awe of our instructors and their teaching style. With the easiest language and interactive classes, GTF instructors make sure that everybody can learn and earn.
  • Not only us, but our students proudly say that GTF instructors have succeeded in their aim of making people financially independent.


About GTF Founder

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