SEO 101 – Are You Taking Advantage of Links?

Search engine optimisation or SEO is the process by which a website’s URL will be entered into a search engine for all of its pages to be indexed. SEO is the keyword based online marketing campaign that requires the SEO companies to use quality search engine optimization tactics in order to boost a websites ranking. For this, the SEO companies need to use the links provided by the most important link directories, which are free.

search engine optimisation

While using these free link directories is highly beneficial, it can also result in some risks, which the SEO companies must carefully consider before investing in. The best way to optimise a site is by a thorough search engine optimisation and link building campaign.

Link building is the act of submitting new URLs, articles, blogs, forums etc to a directory, in order to promote your business. For each of these links, a website receives a unique number of positive web links. By virtue of having more positive web links, your site will have more trust on the internet.

Link building is highly vital in order to increase a site’s traffic. However, there are some instances when you might not want to submit links to the directory, and you should be aware of those instances as well. Below are some of the reasons why the search engines do not approve sites that submit their own links:

Your site’s authority is constantly being undermined by spamming of link directories, which are some of the most abused pages in the entire Internet. Every time you see the words “organic SEO” being used, you can be sure that you are on the path to becoming the victim of spamming.

The first reason would be that the SEO companies are not of the same caliber as the directory owners. Secondly, they do not have the rights to use the link building service, as they are not affiliated with the directory. Finally, when you submit your link, the directories are expected to accept it as an extension of their service. Because of the fact that a search engine is the primary method through which people find information, the directory owner will not allow spamming in order to boost a website’s ranking. And of course, they want you to improve their ranking too.

If you do not think that your website could have any bad links, you can check for these yourself. There are many tools available to the user that allow the owner to check their traffic and will show their result based on a report for each link. However, you should never trust these tools, as they are not able to gather all the data.

The best way to identify spam links is to visit the two largest search engines, Google and Yahoo. On Google, it will provide a list of sites that are suspicious, and on Yahoo, it will only display sites that are being used on a regular basis.

In order to get high quality links, you must become the link provider to a huge variety of high traffic sites and get them to link back to your website. And once you have built up a network of high quality links, you will begin to reap the benefits.

A large network of sites linking back to your website will give you more potential customers and will give you the opportunity to increase your business’s visibility. This will enable you to dominate a particular search engine like Google and become the search engine optimization guru, rather than having to rely on those who are hired to manage and maintain a SEO company’s campaign.

You should remember that SEO is a long term investment, and that the links must be maintained and new links must be introduced all the time. And remember, that by definition, a high traffic website will always be linked to by other high traffic websites.